J'net Smith is an extension of your team and one of few people who will take on small projects which may be necessary for an artist's budget.

From negotiation to developing a licensing plan, finding ways to leverage your brand in the market, or creating a marketing plan J'net services can benefit you. Consulting services are sold by the hour or by the project no matter how big or small, or length of time. As a consultant, J'net approaches each client's needs with the same dedication and thrust for success. By hiring J'net to develop your plans or personally tackle a project for you, your potential for achieving your goals in a timely and cost-efficient manner increases exponentially.

You Need a Negotiator

J'net has negotiated thousands of deals, so why not use her as your secret weapon, behind the scenes or upfront, to get the most from your deal. If you have little or no negotiation experience, this is an area that it literally 'pays' to have J'net handle. She is also a quick study and has no problem jumping in at any point to finish the job. J'net is also known for explaining every nuance, so if you are inclined in the future negotiate for yourself, you pay for her services once and gain the knowledge to try it for yourself later.

You Need a Licensing Plan

There is more to a licensing plan than meets the eye. While it doesn't have to be long, it needs to be smart and well-thought-out using industry information to create a strategy and order that will maximize your art's potential. The tactics need to provide opportunities to compete in today's marketplace and leverage your success at multiple points. This is how you build a business - success, plus leveraged success equals greater success and income. Get your unique strategy, implementation plan and tips without breaking the bank. J'net can help with execution or turn you on to affordable ways to create a profitable business.

You Need to Build a Brand or Leverage Your Brand

Maybe you need help establishing a brand or leveraging the one you've got. These projects may take longer or be on-going. The best way to start is with a SmartStart Session, so J'net can determine your exact needs. In the session, you will also get ANSWERS. Lots of them. In fact, she finds that many clients learn they know how to or can do more on their own than they expected. That may be a terrific bonus for some, or you may prefer to pay and have the job done. We want to provide options that meet all budget needs. One thing is for sure, whether you have an existing business that needs jet propelling, or you have a concept that is on the ground floor, J'net can tackle any problem you put in front of her.

You Need a Marketing Plan

Licensing is just one part of a company's overall marketing plan; it's one business model for getting product out into the marketplace. So you need to think carefully about your entire marketing plan, not just the licensing components. J'net always includes marketing advice in her licensing plans and consultations, but you may need a larger plan to integrate all the marketing elements to meet your needs. 

Consulting Services

These service products are oriented to give you the flexibility of having the work done for you as 'consulting'  or if you prefer to do the work yourself J'net can coach you (visit AAL's Coaching page). 

Do you need help choosing? Through a strong interview process and 25 years of successful experience, J'net creates the perfect combination of services to maximize each project's potential while achieving the client's goals. Schedule your SmartStart Session today.

Proposals are available upon request, and fees are reduced for long term commitments. Call (206) 719-1905 today.