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 Three Ways to Work Together

1. Getting Started
On Your Own

"I want to learn more about licensing on my own. Can I do it myself?"

All Art Licensing’s Worldwide Creators’ Intensive Courses are designed for the beginner and intermediate level creator. Test the quality of our classes by enjoying more than 80 free Minicourses before selecting which of our full-length classes are right for you.

Full Length Classes
Free Minicourses
SmartStart Session
Private Portfolios

2. Personalized
One-on-One Services

"I work better and learn faster with one-on-one teaching."
"I have an immediate need or problem that must be solved."

Whether negotiating a thousand dollar or a million dollar deal, developing a marketing and licensing plan for a large or small company, or creating ways to leverage your brand in the domestic or global marketplace, J’net Smith’s one-on-one expert coaching techniques will guide you from level to level. Coaching and consulting services are available by the hour or by the project.


3. Bring Together Online Learning &
One-on-One Services

"I need help with some aspects of my business, but not all of it." 
"I can do some of my business on my own, but I want to learn how to do even more."

J’net will design a customized program of classes, coaching and/or consulting to fit your exact needs get creating right away.
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