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We are pleased to present you with a comprehensive art licensing resource. Here talented creators, like you, will find unique services, products and resources specifically designed to start, build and scale a successful business.

She Made Dilbert™ a Global Icon—Imagine What She Can Do For Your Creative Business!

In just six short years, J’net turned Dilbert™ from a relatively unknown syndication-based comic strip into a 200 million dollar a year global brand. Then in 2000, J’net translated and expanded on her extensive experience to train, advise and license all types of creators. J'net is known as 'the licensing coach' and has helped hundreds of artists, graphic designers, painters, photographers, authors, illustrators, design firms, fine artists, creative companies, non-profits and agents around the world to maximize the power of their brands and talents.

Art Licensing Coach & Consultant

While there are other consultants in the licensing and even art licensing marketplace, very few have J'net's credentials. Her impeccable reputation, her savvy business acumen and her broad experience on the biggest deals to the smallest details, are available to advise you as you utilize her exclusive services, products and recommendations as you grow!

J’net is the only licensing coach with experience at all levels of deal-making, with national and global contacts and a proven track record of producing results, without competing with you as an artist.

How Do I Get Started?

Take some time to go through the site and discover the best place for you to begin. Don’t be afraid to succeed. J’net will be with you every step of the way, and she has taken these steps with others before you.

If you’re unsure and need some help out of the gate, you have in J'net the consummate coach as well as access to the most comprehensive resources available...just contact us and we'll point you in the right direction.