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All Art Licensing lives up to its name when it comes to services. Whether you need a coach, a consultant, or an agent we are here to help! Many marketing and licensing professionals concentrate on one of these approaches at a time,. J'net knows that all clients have diverse needs that often cross-over between the areas of coaching, consulting and agenting. 

Through a strong interview process and 25 years of successful experience, J'net creates the perfect combination of services to maximize each project's potential while achieving the client's goals.


A Coach

A coach provides ongoing directing, teaching, and/or industry knowledge (one-on-one or through classes).

A Consultant

A consultant provides planning, evaluating, marketing, promoting, developing, and/or writing on an as-needed basis.

An Agent

An agent provides selling, representation, and/or industry contacts.

For instance, a very affordable course, free live Q&A session and a workshop is the answer. Perhaps you simply need a product to get you to the next level. Other times you need very specific advice designed specifically for you.

The ability to evaluate and professionally utilize all of these in the proper proportion is a very original business model, saving you both TIME and MONEY! This effective and powerful approach is the result of J’net’s twenty-five years of successful experience, and it works!