Here are a wealth of valuable testimonials about J'net and her consulting, coaching and classes. And if this isn't enough, you can always receive a personal reference. Call (206) 719-1905 or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!


Consulting & Coaching 

Patricia McKiernan, Executive Director, Graphic Arts Guild, New York  www.graphicartistsguild.org

"I have known and worked with J'net Smith for close to 10 years and find her to be one of the most knowledgeable experts on art licensing within the industry.  Generous with her time and wisdom, she's more than happy to help educate and give direction to those seeking to license their work as well as to those seeking to buy licensed work.  J'net is my go to source for all art licensing."

Scott Adams, DILBERT Creator and Internationall Syndicated Cartoonist www.dilbert.com

"Thanks for making me a millionaire." and "Jeanette steered the Dilbert licensing program from almost nothing to an international phenomenon."

Bob Elsdale, Owner/Photographer WILDSIDE www.wildsidebrands.com

"We recruited Jeanette to help us with both branding and contractual issues, at a time of great stress and anxiety for us as licensors. She initially worked with us by phone to sort out the immediate problems and later we met up, to work on the wider issues…I would recommend her without reservation on her general business acumen and as a formidable negotiator!

Jeanette works with great empathy and complete discretion. Very quickly our stress levels were dramatically reduced and we felt confident in our decision making and our business planning going forward.

Apart from all this Jeanette is a very likeable person, with a great persona and a great sense of humor. This really helped us…talking to a complete stranger about business strategy in a company that you started and are absolutely passionate about, does not come easy."


Sharon Kurlansky, Owner, Laughing Stock, www.laughing-stock.com

“Working with Jeanette as a licensing consultant has been educational, creative and fun. She challenges her clients to produce market savvy projects, imposing her high expectations with a smile. Her expertise is impressive, her guidance masterful. I look forward to working with Jeanette again and whole heartedly recommend her valuable, yet affordable services.”


Kate Brennan Hall, artist/illustrator, www.katebrennanhall.com

“Jeanette has the unique ability to see the big picture while also focusing on critical details. She's essentially a "license whisperer"---capable of taking a property in its most basic state and finding its voice and how it fits in the market place.”


John Lustig., Author/Creator/Owner, Last Kiss, www.lastkissinc.com

“Working with J’net Smith and her associate Charlotte Crawford has been a uniquely wonderful and productive experience. For the first time, I feel like I’m in a true partnership—both creatively and in a business sense. J’net and Charlotte have worked with me step-by-step to refine Last Kiss in both look and content. Their remarkable marketing advice, strategic planning, and publicity have taken Last Kiss to a new level of success. J’net’s extensive contacts in the licensing world and her ability to negotiate difficult contracts, has resulted in numerous deals for Last Kiss.”


Kathy D. Washington

"I worked with J’net Smith as my licensing coach to organize my work and present it in a way that stood out from the crowded marketplace. At the New York Stationary Show, I attended a seminar on Getting your Work Noticed, given by two manufacturers. Imagine my surprise when my work appeared on the big screen as an example of a great presentation! I learned a lot from J’net’s valuable coaching.”


Betsy C., California

“We love the tailored service we get with J’net. She works with our agenda and is always so generous with her advice, insights and suggestions. We end each call filled to the brim with the information and confidence we need to take the next steps with our art licensing. It’s so great to work with someone who 'gets' creatives but has such solid perspective and experience on the development and marketing side of this business.”


Eliea A., Israel

“There is an old expression: Start as you aim to finish. It is a very long distance (to do) coaching (with j’net) with the language and 10- hour time difference, but the unique perspective and love J'net has for art and artists make it possible. The conversations are fun, creative and extremely beneficial. I am inspired by J’net’s coaching and the leap my project has already taken. I’m well on my way.”


Michael Dismuke, Gamemasters Comics, www.gamemasterscomic.com

"I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You.  In a brief time, you have helped me give my project better focus and direction.  I especially like your directness.  That saves so much time!  I have a feeling we will look back on 2014 as a great year for Roshambo!"

Audrey Ruggieri, Owner, Sun Dance Graphics Kim Dooley, Licensing Sales Manager, Sun Dance Licensing www.sundancegraphics.com

"As Fine Art Publishers, Jeanette has been an integral part of setting up our new Licensing division. Her training, organization and insights got us up and running quickly. She is very responsive to our needs and knowledgeable about all aspects of licensing. J'net is easy and fun to work with, and you'll feel she is a part of your team whether working on a short term project or for an on-going relationship you can rely on. We would highly recommend her services."


Janet Parker, President, Paned Expressions www.panedexpressions.com

"I just wanted to take a minute to say 'Thank You', because it's through your eyes that I have begun to see the vision of what's possible for our designs and our brand. Your encouragement goes well beyond $$'s and cents, and I so much appreciate it."


Sheila Meehan , Owner, Meehan Design Group (business partner) www.meehandesigngroup.com

“Jeanette is great with helping artists understand the path of building a license program either through using an agent or by doing it on their own. She provides solid tools, such as strategies, classes and templates, to new and established artists. Her knowledge, energy and focus are key to helping artists build a bridge to financial success!”


 Tara Reed. Owner/Artist, Tara Reed Designs www.tarareeddesigns.com 

“Jeanette Smith helped me to significantly decrease the learning curve when building my art licensing business. She has extensive knowledge of the industry, and really listened to what I wanted and where I wanted to go. She helped me focus my efforts, streamline my marketing and negotiate some contracts that were tricky for me with my limited experience. I highly recommend any artist work with Jeanette if you are ready to listen, learn and implement. It will be money well spent.”


Karen Hacker, Co-Owner, Two Smart Blondes Licensing, www.tsbandco.com

"Thanks for the (agenting) referrals you have been sending our way. Lisa and I have agreed that should we take on another artist at some point, we would like to add artists who have been trained and prepared by you. It just makes our job so much easier when taking on a new artists who actually understand art licensing and what it takes to be successful…you educate them about what it takes to enter the crazy world of licensing and that is a huge benefit to us as agents!”


Alece B., Colorado

"I hired J’net as a coach to help me find an agent. She helped me prepare and taught me the process. I did everything she suggested and got offers from three of the six agents I approached! There is no doubt that she made me stand out and the time frame was decreased considerably. She continues to coach my partner and me on a long-term basis for a book and television project, which is getting some great traction. Thanks for the ‘spot on’ detailed and honest advice. It's worth the price at any cost!"


Becky Denny, Owner/Product Designer, www.ceranima.com

“Because J’net has been in the business so long, her experience, contacts, cautions, and encouragement all kept me on track. She licensed about 350 SKU’s into the marketplace, in a two year period.”

Mary Beth C., Rhode Island

"As a professional artist/illustrator who has self represented myself for over 10 years, I have been frustrated trying to obtain advanced, expert knowledge of my field. Classes are often too elementary, other artists know as much as I do or are unwilling to share, and agents will only assist me if I am represented by them. J'net's consulting service has finally given me access to this information regarding negotiations, contracts, business strategy, pricing, presentations, market research, etc. as I need it, without having to commit to a full-time agent. In addition, her advice always pays for itself and is much less expensive than the 50% of my income I'd pay to a full-time agent. I highly recommend J'net's services."


Bren Bataclan, Boston, MA

"J'net Smith is amazing!  For the first time, I will have booths at the NYC Art Expo and then another at the Las Vegas Licensing Expo. To say that I am overwhelmed is an understatement.  Because I have started to consult with J'net I now feel more prepared.  Her feedback and advice are invaluable.  I love the way she enhanced the text for my printed materials--they are now so much better!  Plus J'net is really pleasant and fun to work with. I wouldn' t know where I would be without her.  I highly recommend her services."  

Classes & Products

Kim Bateman, Chapter Administrator, SPGA/Seattle Chapter Graphic Artists Guild www.graphicartistsguild.org

“Jeanette's presentation,"30 Dirty Secrets of Art Licensing", was a great success at the October 2010 Seattle Graphic Artists Guild workshop. The participants' showed their appreciation in the following comments comments. 'I liked the info about current biz climate and resource sharing' 'valuable information. Great speaker! Honest & knowledgeable' 'Jeanette was genuine and generous with her expertise and information. She was able to reach diverse needs and backgrounds of the artists in the room' 'This topic is not available other places' "


Jupey Krusho, Character Licensor ,California www.jupeykrusho.com

"I can't express how much this helps and how helpful your past few seminars have been.  I've been listening to a few different Art Licensing coaches lately and you are, by far, the most well-prepared, informative, easy to undersand, and quite frankly the most helpful".

Maria Brophy, Art Consultant, California www.mariabrophy.com

“Every artist should take advantage of this information, which is not readily available elsewhere. If you are an artist that’s truly serious about your career, get yourself educated and let J’net share her knowledge with you!”


Leyla T., Vermont

“After having taken all the online art licensing classes J'net Smith offers, I feel that she has helped me to better understand what it takes to license art, feel increasingly confident about how to pursue the art licensing business, make clear plans and informed decisions about this industry, set realistic goals and expectations, and shorten the learning curve. I would enthusiastically recommend J'net and her teaching to artists considering the art licensing field. In taking her classes they can be assured of thorough preparation in a professional manner. J'net is a deep well of information, resources, and positive energy.”


Alicia L., South Carolina

“I have successfully negotiated my first licensing deal and contract with the help of your presentation and my attorney. Having this information has already helped me negotiate a larger advance than I would have originally gotten. It was great having the averages on licensing last week to make sure I was on track with my percentages for royalties. Thanks again for having this wonderful four-part seminar! (PCLS Class Package 1-4)”


Megan H., Pennsylvania

“I must say how FABULOUS your course has been! Thank you for all of the terrific information. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with others.”


Liane W., Australia

“What can I say J’net ...... you stimulate thinking and the thought process, encourage one to go forward to the next level with energy and enthusiasm.”


Phyllis D., Alabama

“I have learned so much from J’net for growing and promoting my art licensing business. It’s all in the details and she provides the details – all usable and easy to understand information that you can immediately put to use. I consider her my guru for art licensing!”


Alicia L., South Carolina

“I have successfully negotiated my first licensing deal and contract with the help of your presentation and my attorney. Having this information has already helped me negotiate a larger advance than I would have originally gotten. It was great having the averages on licensing last week to make sure I was on track with my percentages for royalties.Thanks again for having this wonderful four-part seminar! (PCLS Class Package 1-4)”


Elle H., Canada

"Taking the Licensing Courses with J'net was one of the best moves I have ever made in my Art Career. J'net not only teaches you, but instills a new belief in you and your career that others simply cannot match! I must say this training is an experience that will benefit your career in a way that no other course can. It is the best training I have ever received! “


Astrid M., Switzerland

“It was great talking to you again. I’m so happy to have found you. Thank you for all your help. Lovely to work with super efficient professionals like you!”


Colleen O., Washington

“I have taken two classes with J’net Smith and had a one-on-one consultation with her also, here in Seattle. She is very amazing, full of great information and advice. She is extremely generous with her knowledge and I really appreciated that about her.”

Ronnie Walter, President, Two Town Studios, Minnesota and Florida www.twotownstudios.com

“Thanks you so much for a terrific class! Although we are pretty far along with our product licensing goals for our property, the information on leveraging our exposure and PR was invaluable! I know we have lots of work ahead, but now I have a clearer direction in which way to head. And the bonus of Tom Wilson's (Ziggy creator) visit was really cool!”


Joan Beiriger, Art for Products, California www.joanbeiriger.blogspot.com

Two testimonials from this popular art licensing blogger...“ J’net gave really comprehensive information during the four - session PCLS Series TelEvent. I was REALLY blown away with the fourth session on contracts/royalties and negotiations. I previously only knew the bare minimum of what she discussed and J’net’s detailed information gave me a better understanding of this major part of licensing. Kudos to J’net for giving a great series of seminars on art licensing! Your series is well worth the price. I'm looking forward to your other seminars!!! “


"As you know I missed listening to the second session via the phone and really appreciated getting the audios of both. They were really clear and good quality.

Wow, I was blown away with the information and examples that you provided in theManufacturers Mindset course. In the first session, you did an outstanding job in the handouts and explanation of what manufacturers look for in art. And the second session was even better! It brought everything together in how artists should provide art collections and product mock-ups to manufacturers. Since I've studied the licensing industry for years, I kind of knew everything you spoke of. But your visual examples and detailed audio descriptions made it REALLY clear. Now I'll be able to use that information to make my art collections and mockups more licensable. I'm so glad that I took your course!!!"


Jamie S., Wisconsin

“Since I knew that product mock ups are definitely part of any presentation to potential manufactures, and that my time is better spent creating the art rather than the product templates, I purchased the PCLS Collections and Presentations Package. This package exceeded my expectations. J'net includes a wealth of useful information that I refer to again and again. Plus the visual index makes choosing and deciding which categories are a fit for which collection is really a time saver, and for me, an idea generator."


Elle H., Canada

"Taking the Licensing Course with J'net was one of the best moves I have ever made in my Art Career. J'net not only teaches you, but instills a new belief in you and your career that others simply cannot match! I must say this training is an experience that will benefit your career in a way that no other course can. It is the best training I have ever received! “


Mary Beth C., Rhode Island

“I took classes PCLS 1 - 4 and I have one word to describe them: Wow!! I was hesitant to take the classes because I thought I knew a lot about licensing already. It turns out I knew very little before I took the classes and now I know a ton. I found the classes very thorough, jam packed with info, and very easy to understand. As I listened, I felt like I was eavesdropping on someone spilling the secrets of the business of licensing. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.”


Stan T., Oregon

“For us newbies, J'net handily fills in the blanks. And all this after only the first session! You hit it out of the park! Thank you!”


Jennifer C., Washington

“I really enjoyed and understood your class......it was so clearly laid out and your knowledge and good humor were an added plus.”


Patti R., California

“We are really getting our money’s worth from you.”


John M., New York

“Although I have been a syndicated cartoonist for 17 years and know a lot about the business, I found Jeanette's insight to be invaluable. J’net looked at my work and saw ts potential in a totally different light and allowed me to see opportunities I had no idea existed.”


Cindy Y., Colorado

“You are such a visionary! What a great experience to spend the day with you! Your expertise and ability to teach others the 'ropes' of licensing is truly incredible. This workshop is truly the 'motivation' that I have needed for a very long time!!!”


Karen B., Washington

“J’net brings an enormous depth of knowledge and experience to the wonderful (and potentially profitable!) world of licensing. I found her class to be hugely informative, entertaining, and encouraging. You will be glad you gave it a go.”