Watch for information on All Art Licensing’s Worldwide Creators’ Intensive, a week-long super event in 2016. You won't want to miss this comprehensive live online conference with well-known and respected speakers from throughout the licensing, publishing, entertainment and marketing industries.   


J’net loves working one-on-one with creators, as is so evident at these live events. All Art Licensing offers a variety of workshops which are tailored to fit your group’s exact educational needs.  Many workshops can be offered in two length options: one 6-hour day workshop or two 5-hour day workshops.

The one-day workshop is more of an intensive lecture, jam-packed with information which you can immediately use.  The two-day workshop provides everything that is in the one-day workshop, plus more detail in the training sections, as well as significantly more one-on-one time for each participant with J’net. With the two day Workshop, J’net will review each participant’s work individually, in front of the workshop group, and provide specific advice based on the class topic.

J'net has found her workshop design to be an extremely effective way to practice and reinforce the teachings and techniques. You get your specific questions answered and also learn from seeing others coached on their brand development, art licensing and character creation goals. This format is really dynamic, fun and effective with 8-10 attendees, so ten is the limit.

Here is an example of what you can expect will be covered in a workshop:

Introduction to Art Licensing

Learn where to start with your art licensing business.

Topics includeHow to create continuous cash flow, What exactly is licensing and how does it work, Types of licensing, What you MUST know about the retail marketplace BEFORE you start, Protecting your rights, Royalty rates, Artist requirements, Agent services and much more!

Licensing Collections, Presentations & Websites

Learn how to create presentations that will enable you to produce scintillating presentations and web sites that will get your art noticed and reviewed, clinch the deal with manufacturers and put money in your pocket!

Topics includeKnow your Audience & Branding “Yourself”, Basic Collection Development, Preparing Materials, Productive Web Sites, Online Portfolios, Ask J’net Q & A – Get Answers to YOUR specific questions.

Licensing Sales Techniques

Learn the most successful strategies for approaching manufacturers and retailers with low-cost and highly productive techniques, this step-by-step process has been designed to help you take your art from portfolio pages to licensed products on the retail shelves.

Topics includeResearching Manufacturers, Marketing Plans, Strategies and Timing, Sales Calls, Public Relations, Agent/Artist Relationships and much more.

Licensing Negotiations & Contracts

This segment shows creator’s how to make the vital business decisions that go into each and every licensing contract. 

Topics includeHow to make licensing business decisions & have them reflected accurately in your contract, Tools to keep contracts moving forward, Negotiation techniques... when to stand up and when to back down and WHY, Recognizing contract “tricks” that some try to pull on novices, What to do after the contract is signed and much more!

One-On-One Evaluation & Plan of Action for Each Participant

J'net will review each participant’s work individually, in front of the workshop group, and provide specific marketing and licensing goals, tactics and advice to provide a verbal plan of action for each creator. Time with each participant will be determined based on whether the event is a One or Two Day Workshop and how many creators are attending.

Popular Workshop Topics & the Organizer Attends FREE

Our most popular topics include the Licensing Essentials, a 5-part class taught in either a one or two day format. However any of our classes can be taught as a workshop, as well as customized to fit your time and budget needs. 

  • Licensing Essentials (includes Introduction to Art Licensing, Licensing Sales Techniques, Licensing Presentations & Websites, Licensing Negotiations & Contracts, One-On-One Evaluation & Plan of Action for Each Participant) (link here to the above page as well)
  • Developing Marketing Art Licensing Portfolios
  • The Manufacturer’s Mindset
  • Character Licensing 
  • Doing More Deals: Exploring Business Models & Increasing Revenue 
  • Today’s PR Essentials for Art Licensors & Creators
  • …don’t see what you want here, or want a combination of a couple classes, just ask!

Due to the cost of travel expenses, depending on the location, and other key components, we cannot quote an exact figure for your workshop here. Once the workshop location is determined and secured, exact pricing can be determined. Many of our past events have been held successfully in local art centers, art studios and private homes with NO ROOM FEE to keep expenses to a minimum. 

Skype workshops and private webinars also available.  Call (206) 719-1905 to discuss your ideas for a workshop. As the organizer, you can attend free, just by handling the marketing and attendance details.  Ask us for details. 

  • Workshop Example:
  • $2500 workshop fee – one day rate, plus printed workbooks for attendees, presentation, etc. 
  • $1000 travel expenses – flight, hotel, etc. (This example might be for Boston or Miami event with travel from Phoenix)
  • $0 – no room expense
  • $3500 total cost – (divided by number of attendees, not including organizer)
  • $437.50 for one day/per person, for 8 people, plus a free organizer (9th person)

The above example is provided to give you an idea of how you can afford this great one-on-one experience for your local group. All workshops are customized based on location, number of attendees and any other specific related to the situation.