Contract Negotiation and Review

Contract Review

When to hire J'net and when to hire an Attorney
Why is having J'net or an attorney review your contract, before you sign it, a necessary and intelligent business decision?

If you don't understand or agree with the legal terms of the prospective contract - hire a lawyer. If you don't understand or agree with the business terms of the prospective contract - hire J'net.

Contract Negotiation

If you have reached a point in your business where you have a manufacturer or retailer interested in your creations and are actually starting to talk numbers, this is often a good time to contact J’net.

J'net will review and advise you about a specific contract, its content and wording, making sure your rights are protected as well as making sure the manufacturer or retailer receives what they need. J’net is an expert negotiator and is experienced in creating the win-win situations necessary to create long term business relationships with the manufacturers and retailers. She can and will, if necessary, take the lead on negotiating your contract and finalizing every last detail. She can be the 'face' of your company or work behind-the-scenes, like a secret weapon, on negotiating a single deal or a series of contracts.

Choosing a negotiator, especially if you’re not certain if you’re getting the best deal possible for your situation, is just good business sense. Choosing a person with an impeccable reputation, a proven track record which has generated millions of dollars for many, many companies, as well as a person who has actually walked the talk, is great business sense. After doing your own comparison research, J’net Smith is an excellent choice.

Contract negotiation can be fee based or fee + commission, please call J'net at (206) 719-1905 to discuss which option would fit your needs best.