It is difficult to talk specifically about coaching services because they are always customized to the needs of each and every individual and their business. The benefits of coaching services are often bigger, deeper and more profound than the client expects. 

J’net is one of the most knowledgeable and accessible coaches. Here are just a few situations where her guidance and knowledge can save you time and money.  

You Want to be Your Own Agent

Why pay an agent if you don’t have to? It’s not for everyone, but many skilled and resourceful artists are learning how to agent their own art by doing some or all of their own marketing and licensing themselves. J’net specializes in this. She will show you how to save as much as 50% of your income stream by keeping the agent commissions yourself. J’net will guide you step-by-step, from that first deal all the way to the multi-million dollar international contract. If you think you have it within you to create a great business, as well as great art, then invest with and get trained by someone who has actually done it and can show you how!  Remember, no one is as motivated to sell you as you will sell yourself.

You Want to Find an Agent

If you decide it is better for you to find an effective agent for your particular art style, characters or brand, one that will help you reach your licensing goals, J'net can help you find the one that's right for you. There are great agents are out there, but competition for them is growing. J'net has helped hundreds of creators find their agent match in less time, in fact, she is the official ‘matchmaker’ of the Licensing Expo's—Art+Design Zone—in Las Vegas, the world’s largest licensing trade show and conference. Literally hundreds of manufacturers, retailers, artists, brands, agents, character developers and properties, have trusted J’net with this responsibility. She will teach you how to get 'agent-ready' and stand out from the crowd, as well as, showing you how to work with your agent for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

You Need Assistance with an Existing Agent

You may already have an agent, but you need to be better informed so you can get the most out of the relationship. Perhaps, you have an agent and are finding that your business isn't growing the way it should be. Or, are you wondering if you need a totally different agent? Then talk to J’net. A major area of our business is advising for creators on how to best evaluate and maximize their artist-agent relationship. J'net will teach you how to work with your agent, manage expectations and get the most from the relationship by becoming a knowledgeable and well-informed client. If your profits are not increasing, J’net will show you how to move to new and more lucrative relationships, instead of excessively spinning your wheels. J'net can evaluate the situation, advise and guide you to new heights in a very short amount of time.

You Want to Develop Your Own In-House Licensing Division

Many properties have a marketing person or staff, but not a dedicated licensing division. All Art Licensing helps your business evaluate the pros and cons of hiring a licensing agency. If after considering the costs and benefits of hiring an agency, you prefer to develop your own in-house licensing division, J’net will show you how to build the foundation. Having worked with and for numerous large companies, in addition to being a successful, independent entrepreneur herself, she is well-versed in what it takes to start and grow a new company division and the processes and procedures it requires.

You Want to Train (or Retrain) Existing Staff Members

Many individuals outgrow the ‘do-it-yourself’ phase and need to develop their own licensing personnel, or improve the results of the existing staff.  If you know your potential is greater than the results you are achieving, then there is a reason and usually it is something that can be can resolved with proper education and training. Never settle for less than excellent results. J’net evaluates personnel problems and develops personalized training programs for both small and large companies. She will kick-start and motivate your personnel to achieve the next level.

You Have Some Licensing/Marketing Knowledge, But Need Advice to Move the Business to the Next Stage

When your business plateaus because of a limited experience or knowledge base, it’s time to acquire more information. Coaching is the fastest, most economical and efficient way to move your skill sets ahead and your business to higher profitability. Remember knowledge is money. J’net’s coaching is focused on teaching you the nuances of improving your business, how to make your own intelligent and educated decisions and how not to delay when there are opportunities or forks in the road. She will educate, prioritize, focus and motivate you to achieve your goals.

You Want to Increase Licensing Profitability

Sometimes licensing is not as profitable as it could be for reasons that may be less than obvious. Remember, there are many factors which contribute to the bottom line. Whether independent or part of a larger company, we will evaluate and detect: gaps in your plans, strains on your budget, ways to boost royalties on new and renewing contracts, problems with manufacturer payments or deductions from royalties, etc. We will reveal what is hidden. We will make sure you are getting every penny you have earned and not throwing any away. You will learn what to look for and what to avoid!

You Need Help with a Business, Marketing or Licensing Plan

Planning is the first step to success. Without a plan or road map, you don’t know where to go or how to get there. People use All Art Licensing’s coaching services to create your plans at a fraction of the cost that a full-blown Marketing or Licensing Agency would charge. J’net firmly believes in Marketing Action Plans (MAP) and will help you develop something that fits your specific needs, budget and goals.

You Want a 'Lead' or 'Behind-the-Scenes' Negotiator

This is often a very powerful and profitable tool to have in your arsenal. Learn how to navigate contracts and gain the confidence to negotiate licensing or other deals. J’net will develop the strategy, as well as, if necessary, act as the lead or a behind-the-scenes negotiator to close your deal in the most profitable manner possible. Investing in an experienced negotiator, particularly in the larger deals, and the benefits that go with it, is frequently far more profitable than paying agency commissions.