Free Ask J'net Q&As 

J’net has been offering free, hour-long, question and answer session to artists, illustrators, cartoonists and property developers, long before anyone else. She is well-known for her no-nonsense approach to the classes. They are not promotional advertisements; she thoroughly answers between 15 and 25 detailed questions in each class from creators around the world!

Attendance during the live event is always free, and there is a place at the bottom of the registration form to put your important question(s). J’net will answer as many as possible in each session. But since they are very popular, for the best chance of getting your question answered, register early.

You can also order audio files and ebooks of many Ask J’net Q&As. Here are the available audios by date, listing the primary questions answered in each session.  Please note that even the older sessions are very viable in today’s marketplace!  With these exclusive AAL resources, it’s easy to learn in minutes, just find a session that includes the questions of interest to you and download it online. These are an invaluable and inexpensive resource.

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