4 hour Time Block - Special Client Pricing

4 hour Time Block - Special Client Pricing


If you have already worked with J'net, and have completed a SmartStart Session, then you are qualified to receive our special Intensive Time Block rates. These are discounts offered for pre-paid time blocks.

Prepaid time block specials for SmartStart graduates (you may access these rates once you have completed a SmartStart Session with J'net Smith:

1 – 3 hours prepaid/$200 per hour USD
4 - 9 hours pre-paid /$175 per hour USD 
10 hours or more pre-paid/$150 per hour USD

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 206.719.1905 or send me an email I'd be glad to help you choose the right package for your needs or create a customized package for you.

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