Ask J'net Q&A - January 2010


Ask J'net Q&A - January 2010


This one-hour audio captures questions and answers from J'net's live Free Friday class.

Some of the questions answered and included on this audio download are shown below.

  • What do you think are the main reasons artists don’t land an agent?
  • Are there enough agents for all the artists that want one?
  • How do you organize a licensor’s web site to appeal to manufacturers?
  • As an artist, do I need a blog?
  • How risky is it to do spec work?
  • When signing licensing deals, should a press release be done for each company?
  • If I don’t like doing borders and patterns, can I just do stand alone images?
  • Is it possible to have too many collections?
  • How ready for print does the art work need to been in your portfolio of samples?
  • What are the traits to look for in a good manufacturing partner?
  • What design and theme trends will be seen on product this year?
  • How do I get started in art licensing?
  • And more…

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