Ask J'net Q&A - May 2010


Ask J'net Q&A - May 2010


This one-hour audio captures questions and answers from J'net's live Free Friday class.

Some of the questions answered and included on this audio download are shown below.

  • What are private label products?
  • What’s the general rule of thumb for formatting and sizing art for manufacturers?
  • What would be the first 5 questions I ask a manufacturer if they express interest in using my artwork for licensing?
  • What’s your take on Surtex this year?
  • How was the mood at Surtex?
  • What were the trends at Surtex?
  • How do I negotiate a royalty with a major manufacturer that has licensed my designs for 30 years? They want to pay me a flat fee.
  • When I copyright a “collection” of designs under one copyright, are they all covered?
  • When creating seasonal art, how far in advance are manufacturers shopping for it?
  • Which is more cost effective – attend big trade shows like Surtex or send professional packets directly to manufacturers?
  • Are manufacturers seeking more “flat fee” licensing deals as opposed to royalty deals?
  • How can I determine if I need an agent or not?
  • And more….

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