Ask J'net Q&A - October 2011


Ask J'net Q&A - October 2011


This audio download allows you to listen in on a "live" Q & A where artists ask the questions and J'net provides all the answers! Some of the questions answered and included on this audio download are shown below.

  • How is a royalty divided if someone wants to license your art when it is seen in public elsewhere (e.g. a gallery)?
  • What are pros and cons of creating your own products?
  • What’s the process of finding companies and contacts that license art?
  • What’s the protocol for sending out your designs?
  • How many licensees can you have?
  • Does licensing your art to multiple clients lessen the perceived value of your license?
  • Why do some licensing agents take on so many new artists?
  • What does a brand mean in art licensing?
  • How important is it for your agent to have a trade shown booth?
  • What’s the best way to move forward when you’ve experienced repeated rejections from clients?
  • And more...

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