Character Licensing


Character Licensing


Taught by J'net Smith of All Art Licensing

This course is an introduction to character licensing for cartoonists, animators and illustrators. A lot of creators ask: “What can I do with my characters?” This class will show you some very practical and useful answers to this question. In this course, we will explore character licensing from the beginning first steps to the first signed contract. 

This class will teach you how to:

  • design characters to enhance their licensing potential
  • create exposure
  • leverage business opportunities
  • know when you are ready to license products and choose the product categories which are best for your characters

We will also cover the most important things to watch for and avoid. If you are more inclined to create characters, than designs, then this is the right class for you. Your characters make sense to you…now let me help you make sure they will appeal to the broadest possible audience.  With the right industry knowledge and strategic thinking, you can learn how to share them with the world.

(audio) Character Licensing (1.5 hours/60 pages - 2014)

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