Contract Negotiations


Contract Negotiations

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When to hire J'net and when to hire an Attorney

Why is having J'net or an attorney review your contract, before you sign it, a necessary and intelligent business decision?

If you don't understand or agree with the legal terms of the prospective contract - hire a lawyer
If you don't understand or agree with the business terms of the prospective contract - hire J'net.


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More About the Contract Review Process and Pricing
To be clear, here are more guidelines on when to hire a lawyer and when to hire J'net.

You need to start by understanding the difference between the 'business terms' and 'legal terms' in your contract:

• Business terms are the proposed conditions of the prospective contract and how they are written. What you want. What they want. These refer to the time frame, ownership of rights, payments, geographic territory, etc.

• Legal terms are the legal contract language of the prospective contract. The legal terminology of the agreement itself.

When you need a contract created or have received a contract from a prospective retailer or manufacturer, and are not 100% certain of the meaning and definitions of all the terms—or if you don’t understand the language and conditions expressed in the contract (what you get, what they get)—or if you specifically don’t know the affects the contract will have or your actual rights, or are unsure of what terms are necessary to protect your rights and which are inordinately unfair and often used to take advantage of naive creators, then J'net strongly recommends you hire an attorney. J'net can also help you find the right trustworthy attorney for your specific situation.

J'net recommends you follow these criteria when choosing between an attorney and her services.

Hire a lawyer when:

you agree on all business terms of the contract or know exactly what business terms you want to negotiate
when you need an IP--Intellectual Property--attorney to build the infrastructure for your brand through trademarks and copyrights
when you are already in negotiations and there is a dispute over legal terminology
when you or your existing licensee is in breach of a contract term and you need resolution.
Hire J'net when:

you have no idea what business terms are fair for the licensing industry, your level of art and experience, or the product categories you are entering into on the agreement (a lawyer is unlikely to know what the licensing industry or product category standards are, and won't be able to help you negotiate the terms of the contract)
you want to learn as much as you can about contracts from someone who can explain them in non-legal language, so in the future you can at least read your own agreements and understand them better the first time around
you want to be trained to handle your own contracts and not be vulnerable around licensees and lawyers
you receive a standardized contract that really doesn't fit the deal you were talking about.
When hiring J'net to review your contract you will receive advice on business terms, as well as suggestions for deletions, additions, and corrections to the contract and advice on how to negotiate the best and fairest terms for you and your new business partner.

And if you need or want legal advice, it is often economical to hire J'net prior to hiring an attorney. You can save lots of time, money and headaches when you receive licensing and business advice from J'net and a clear direction as to exactly what is needed, for your personal situation, from the attorney. In this way you will go into your legal meeting with a specific direction, and knowledge about the deal. J'net is not an attorney and cannot take the place of one.

Contract Review Pricing:

Up to 10 page contract review with 1/2 phone consult $175
Up to 10-page contract review with written on-contract advice notes and recommendations $225 If you book your contract review online, you will receive an email from us within 24 hours, so we can schedule time to talk and receive your contract for review.

Between 10 and 25 pages - 10 pages is $225 + $15 per page above 10 and up to 25 pages
25 + page contracts please call or email
For any contracts above 10 pages, please email or call to ask questions and tell me about your specific needs. You can get immediate assistance with just one call: 206.719.1905