Developing Marketable Art Licensing Portfolios that Sell!


Developing Marketable Art Licensing Portfolios that Sell!


For the emerging and intermediate Artist; Taught by Sheila Meehan--Meehan Design Group  with J'net Smith--All Art Licensing

This class is designed for artists who have a body of work that they wish to explore licensing for merchandise. For those who have been working in the illustration or graphic design marketplace, and artists who have tried licensing but aren’t sure if their portfolio is put together correctly, this class is designed for you. 

This class will teach how to: 

Develop a marketing plan-building a road map for where you direct your efforts Organize your art—choosing images that work for product based on trends and themes and developing collections Put art on product—using templates or prototypes 

The goal is to build thoughtful collections leading to compiling a meaningful portfolio. The course will include over 70 slides with helpful guidelines, visual examples of how a collection is developed, portfolio pages that work (and some that don’t!), what should be included in presentation materials and finally, how to market your work effectively.  


Key Requirements:

Computer skills in Photoshop, Illustrator or similar program A body of artwork Desire to work in licensing either on your own or with an agent 

(audio) Developing Marketable Art Licensing Portfolios that Sell! with Art Licensing Agent Sheila Meehan  (2 hours/70 pages - 2013)

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