SmartStart Session - Special Client Pricing

SmartStart Session - Special Client Pricing


3 hrs total (includes 1 hr. review/evaluation + 2 hr. phone consult at $200/hr.)

More About Your SmartStart Session

Prior to the two-hour private phone consultation strategy session, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive business questionnaire specifically designed to prepare both you and J'net for the coaching session. It's important for J'net to know exactly where you are with your art and business, as well as your background, needs and goals. The more time you invest in this, the more you will get out of your time with J'net; it's as simple as that. And you can also provide an agenda or specific questions for J'net before the SmartStart Session.

J'net spends at least one-hour preparing for your two-hour private phone consultation, so that once you are on the phone together it's time to dive into action vs. getting everyone up to speed. J'net provides a complimentary audio file of the consultation, so you may review the advice and get every nuance from the Session. The SmartStart Session cost is $600 and may include advice, guidance and education related to the following areas of your business, as other as needed or requested:

Art/Property Evaluation
Collection Development
Licensing Product Categories & Plan
Researching Manufacturers
Sales Materials and Presentations
Web Site Development
Sales and Negotiation Process
Promotional Campaigns & Copywriting
Contracts Review & Training
Public Relation Strategies
Leveraging your Business

If you have already worked with J'net, and have completed a SmartStart Session, then you are qualified to receive our special Intensive Time Block rates. These are discounts offered for pre-paid time blocks.

Prepaid time block specials for SmartStart graduates (you may access these rates once you have completed a SmartStart Session with J'net Smith:

1 – 3 hours prepaid/$200 per hour USD 1 hour - $200 (these are payment links)

4 - 9 hours pre-paid /$175 per hour USD 4 hours - $750

10 hours or more pre-paid/$150 per hour USD 10 hours - $1500

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 206.719.1905 or send me an email I'd be glad to help you choose the right package for your needs or create a customized package for you.

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