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All Art Licensing introduces Video Courses. We’re so excited and want you to see how valuable they are, so watch this complete class (1 hour 45 minutes in length) – the first in our 4-part series of Art Licensing Essentials – with our compliments and no further obligation. 

Worldwide Creators’ Intensive Course: Art Licensing Essentials – An Introduction to Profits, Promotion and Protection – Part 1

In this first class of the four-part series, you’ll learn about the art licensing industry and how it actually works in the real world today. The ‘Essentials’ course is completely updated for 2014 and includes new information, plus all the fundamentals serious artists must know to create a profitable business.

Duration: 1.75 hours
Value: $75.00

This course is the best possible launch pad for your art licensing business. Please download the Class Materials and Downloads before beginning the video.

This class covers:

  • insights to help you determine where you fit into this business
  • the art licensing process
  • product categories
  • timelines (how long does it take to make money)
  • artist requirements
  • challenges that are to be expected (& pitfalls to avoid)
  • distribution channels and retailers, and
  • the agent/artist relationship.

J'net Smith

J'net Smith is the consummate art licensing coach—she is passionate about helping you achieve a level of success of which you always dreamed. And she definitely knows how to do it! In just six short years, J’net turned Dilbert™ from a relatively unknown syndication-based comic strip into a 200 million dollar a year global brand. Then in 2000, J’net translated her extensive experience to train, advise and license all types of creators. She has helped hundreds of artists, graphic designers, painters, photographers, authors, illustrators, design firms, fine artists, creative companies, non-profits and agents to maximize the power of their brands and talents.

Class Materials & Downloads


Class Audio Only

Art Licensing Essentials Part 1

Art Licensing Essentials Part 1


Powerpoint as PDF

Art Licensing Essentials Part 1

Art Licensing Essentials Part 1


Recommended Classes

Art Licensing Collections, Presentations and Websites (Part 2)

In this second class of the four-class series, you’ll learn how to create the collections and presentations that will set you apart and get your art noticed by manufacturers and retailers. This course covers how to: 

develop your marketing strategy define your target audience research manufacturers understand important licensing perspectives (that of the manufacturer/retailer vs. the artist/brand owner) create professional collections develop presentations create pitch letters and organize and write effective websites. 

Do not try to navigate the licensing industry without taking this detailed beginner’s course!   

(video) Art Licensing Collections & Presentations (2 hours/76 pages - 2017)

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Art Licensing Marketing & Sales Techniques (Part 3)

In the third class of the four-part series, you’ll learn about successful sales strategies for approaching agents, manufacturers and retailers with your artwork, designs and characters. This course will cover how to: 

Create your sales tool kit of essential skills; understand the licensing sales process; find your retail fit; develop sales leads; write sales letters; communicate with manufacturers; and sell yourself to a prospective manufacturer or agent. 

Whether you want to find an agent or represent yourself, this class provides more than enough detailed information to get you started, and then some! 

(video) Art Licensing Marketing & Sales (2hours/59 pages - 2017)

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Art Licensing Negotiations and Contracts (Part 4)

In the final class of the four-part series, you’ll learn how to negotiate and navigate the almighty licensing contract with confidence. Utilizing real life examples, J’net teaches: 

The essential contract, elements protecting the rights to your art and business, generating maximum income, learning industry royalty rates, recognizing common mistakes negotiation techniques,  how to evaluate an offer, when to sign a deal and when not to.

(video) Art Licensing Negotiations & Contracts (2hours/77 pages - 2017)

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Collections and Presentations Package with 107 Product Templates

Learn how to create collections and presentations for manufacturers and retailers that get noticed! Package includes 107 product templates (PSD files).


(template) Collections & Presentations with 107 Product Templates (2 PDF Reference Files + 7 Product Category Photoshop Files 2009)

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