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AAL Worldwide Creators’ Intensives

Our detailed downloadable courses are available immediately for your training needs. Each class is taught by J’net Smith and includes an MP3 digital audio file and PowerPoint presentation in a convenient PDF format for instantaneous download. The video class packages include the MP3 digital audio file and PowerPoint (PDF) presentation to download, as well as the video class link.  

Essentials Curriculum

If you know little about the licensing business, or are just getting started, completing our ‘Essentials Curriculum’ will give you the foundation you need - the basics of the licensing industry, how it works and what you need to ‘know’ and ‘do’ - to be successful in your art, design, character or brand licensing business.


Intermediate Curriculum

Once you have completed our ‘Essentials Curriculum,’ or if you have basic knowledge of the industry through experience, then move on to the topics in our ‘Intermediate Curriculum.’ These are the core business-building classes, which cover the nuances necessary to grow your brand and income.

Special Character Curriculum

Our ‘Special Character Curriculum’ builds on the ‘Essentials’ and ‘Intermediate’ curriculum programs to provide the specific information that you will need when starting to build a character-based property. Most creators continue with a SmartStart Session for individual advice about their property development.

Ask J'net Q&A

Most of the topics discussed in the Ask J'net Q&A's are timeless.  These are a great and inexpensive resource for those new to licensing. If you click on any icon below, you will see a concise list of questions answered on that audio. 

Templates and Downloads

Our 'Collection and Presentations Package' helps you create product designs with your art and our manufacturer product templates.